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Sliding Doors

Measuring up to six metres in height, these colossal, yet slim profile doorframes have been built to offer epic, unobstructed panoramic views. This is made possible through our innovative construction, which uses solid cross-sections and a selection of internal and external fins to achieve complete ease of operation, despite their size.

Unlike most slim systems, which use brush seals, the Alifabrication system uses a specially developed ‘PRO-seal’ to enable the heavy panels to slide effortlessly across long distances. This technology utilises an adjustable compression (Epdm) gasket to progressively seal panels as they are closed, minimising friction and increasing durability. This also offers exceptionally effective water tightness and air permeability, protecting against noise pollution and the elements. 

Customisable options – anything but average ​

The Alifabrication Sliding Door is ideally suited to landmark buildings, which don’t conform to normal or average specifications and therefore require bespoke solutions.

Available combinations include:

  • Sliding door and fixed frameless
  • Hinged sliding doors
  • Sliding door with spider/curtainwall.
  • Configurations with corners or posts and integrated with internal/external railings or shades.

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